This Creamy Corn Salad Recipe is a quick and easy side dish filled with crispy corn kernels that pop in a creamy sauce; perfect for potlucks and summer barbecues!

We love pairing this cold corn salad with a Grilled Skirt Steak or cowboy burgers!

This creamy corn salad recipe is a quick and easy side dish filled with crispy corn kernels that pop in a creamy sauce;  perfect for potlucks and summer barbecues!

pinterestI’m always on the lookout for an exciting new side dish to bring to the next family potluck or church, and this creamy corn salad recipe is just that!

Creamy Corn Salad Recipe

This is not your average corn salad recipe. It’s fresh and creamy with the perfect touch of fresh corn in every bite. I brought this super simple corn salad to a potluck the other day and it was gone in minutes!

Ingredients needed for cold corn salad:

Here is the basic list of ingredients you will need to make this simple corn salad recipe. As always, you can find the full ingredient list in the printable recipe card below.

  • Frozen corn kernelsyou can use frozen corn kernels any time of the year, but if the corn is in season, try using fresh corn cut directly from the cob.
  • Red bell pepperany color, but red is my favorite because it’s a bit softer.
  • purple onionadds good flavor, but you can substitute the green onion for a milder flavor.
  • Jalapeñogives the salad a bit of spice, feel free to omit it if you wish.
  • Plain Greek yogurtyou can substitute sour cream if you prefer.
  • mayogives the salad that nice creamy texture.
  • Corianderone of my favorite fresh herbs! You can leave it out if you’re not a fan.

Corn salad ingredients in a bowl on a wooden surface.

How to Make Creamy Corn Salad

All you really have to do is combine all the ingredients in a large bowl and stir to combine.

Keep the corn salad covered and chilled in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Stir again just before serving.

PRO TIP: If you want to use fresh corn, simply boil the corn on the cob for about 3 minutes, remove and let cool slightly. Then carefully remove the pits. You should need about 5-6 cobs of corn (about 6 cups kernels)

Can I get ahead?

Yes! You can make this super easy corn salad ahead of time, but it’s best served during the day.

If you need to make it further in advance than that, don’t mix the dressing ingredients into the corn mixture until you’re about to serve it.

What to serve with corn salad?

This super easy side dish is delicious with anything grilled. The fresh flavors of corn, peppers and jalapeño really bring out the smoky flavors of the barbecue. Here are some of my favorite main dishes that would pair perfectly with this salad.

white bowl with creamy corn salad and red peppers.

More corn recipes to try

We are big corn fans in this house! It’s still so affordable in the summer months and my kids go crazy for it. Here are some of our favorite ways to use it!

You’ll love the flavors of this fresh and creamy side dish!

Serve this creamy corn salad at all your summer meals and barbecues and watch it disappear so quickly!

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Creamy Corn Salad Recipe

This fresh and creamy corn salad recipe is packed with delicious summer flavors in a creamy sauce, making it a delicious summer side dish!

Preparation time15 minutes

Total time15 minutes

Course: side dish

Kitchen: American

Servings: ten

calories: 176 calories

Author: Shawn


  • 2 Kg. But frozen, thawed under cold running water
  • 1 Chopped off diced red pepper
  • ¼ Chopped off diced purple onion
  • 1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and diced
  • ½ Chopped off plain greek yogurt
  • ½ Chopped off mayonnaise
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon garlic powder
  • ¼ Chopped off chopped cilantro


  • Combine corn, red pepper, onion and jalapeño in a large bowl.

  • In another bowl, whisk together the yogurt, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Gently stir into corn mixture. Add the chopped cilantro and stir. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


The salad can be made up to a day ahead, but the dressing will thin out the longer it sits. Best if eaten within 2 days.
FRESH CORN: If using fresh corn kernels, cook lightly on the grill or boil, then cut off the cob. You should need about 6 cups of corn, or about 5-6 cobs of corn.


calories: 176calories | Carbohydrates: 23g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 9g | Saturated fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 5mg | Sodium: 196mg | Potassium: 307mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 78UI | Vitamin C: 17mg | Calcium: 16mg | Iron: 1mg

Keywords: Cold, Corn Salad, Creamy, Summer

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This creamy corn salad recipe is a quick and easy side dish filled with crispy corn kernels that pop in a creamy sauce;  perfect for potlucks and summer barbecues!