Fancy a scorching canine over an open fireplace? The next recipes are completely different variations of this tenting basic meal.


8 wieners

8 cheese slices 2 1/2 to three inches lengthy x 1/4 inch

8 thinly sliced ​​bacon strips

8 Wiener buns


Cooking forks

Divide the rectangular pockets into 8 wieners, lengthy sufficient to carry a strip of cheese. Place a strip of cheese in every pocket. Wrap a strip of bacon round every wiener to fully cowl the pocket and cheese. Connect every finish of the bacon to the wiener with a toothpick. Place every wiener on a cooking fork and bake over scorching coals till the bacon is cooked. When the angel is completed take away it from the fork and place in a wiener bun. Take toothpicks earlier than consuming.




Cheese slices


Minimize the recent canine lengthwise however not fully. Place a slice of cheese on the recent canine the place you narrow it; then shut the recent canine and wrap a chunk of bacon strip round every one and put a toothpick on every finish to carry the canine. Now put the recent canine on a stick and cook dinner it over scorching coals.


Sizzling canine – 2 to three per particular person

Canned biscuits – sufficient for every scorching canine

Fold each bit of foil in half to kind an 8×12 inch piece for every scorching canine. Flatten the biscuit and roll it round every scorching canine. Protecting all however the tip of the recent canine. Cowl the recent canine in foil, permitting room for the biscuits to broaden. Place every foil packet on the recent coals. Flip for 3 to 4 minutes. Test a bundle in 10 minutes. Serve with scorching canine sauce, cheese, catsup, mustard or pickle relish. Make a meal with beans and chips.